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What kind of batteries do e-cigarettes use?

The battery is an important part of the electronic cigarette machine. It mainly provides power to the electronic cigarette and is used to heat the heating wire and the atomizer. There are many kinds of batteries on the market. Many people feel a headache when purchasing electronic cigarette batteries. I don’t know what kind of batteries are used in electronic cigarettes, and most of them listen to other people’s opinions, blindly thinking that only expensive ones are better. This method not only wastes a lot of money, but also wastes battery performance. Today, Ganyue Electronics will popularize what kind of batteries are used in electronic cigarettes and what manufacturers recommend high-quality electronic cigarette batteries.
What kind of batteries do electronic cigarettes use?

Battery for electronic cigarette
Since the battery of the electronic cigarette is mainly used to power the electronic cigarette, and it is mainly used to heat the heating wire and the atomizer, a process of instantaneously supplying a large current will be involved in the process of use by the user. At this time, it is necessary to use to high-rate batteries. Therefore, the batteries used by many electronic cigarette manufacturers are high-rate lithium polymer batteries (except for inferior batteries).

Post time: Sep-16-2022