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What is an ink cartridge? What is the classification of ink cartridges?

What is an ink cartridge? What is the classification of ink cartridges?

What is an ink cartridge? What is the classification of the ink cartridge? The ink cartridge is usually called a cigarette holder, which is an essential part of the electronic cigarette atomizer. The case consists of an e-liquid storage body and a mouthpiece cover. A certain amount of e-liquid is stored in the cartridge. When the electronic cigarette is working, the electronic liquid in the cartridge is atomized into gas under the action of the atomizer, forming real smoke. Generally speaking, the larger the size of the electronic cigarette and the larger the cigarette case, the more smoke liquid is stored in the cigarette case, and the more durable the cigarette case is.

What are cartridges?

Electronic Cigarette Cartridge

Cartridges come in different flavors and concentrations.
Common flavors include Marlboro, flue-cured tobacco, mint, 555, Yunyan and various fruit flavors. There are only four concentrations, high, medium and low. There is no nicotine in anything, so no smoke smell. The higher the concentration, the more smoke smell is emitted.
Note that ink cartridges are consumables. Generally speaking, when an ink cartridge is used up (under the action of the atomizer, all the liquid in the ink cartridge is evaporated), the
Discard it and replace it with a new cartridge. Just like the ink cartridges in inkjet printers need to be replaced with new ones after they are used up. However, some smokers

Like to buy cigarette liquid separately and add it to the pods as they need to be used for a long time.
Although this method is more economical and more frugal, it is not hygienic to use the same mouthpiece for a long time. If you use the same cigarette holder for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria on the cigarette holder, and finally enter the human body through the mouth, causing bacterial infection. Therefore, for your health, please try to buy a cigarette case for replacement, and do not add liquid cigarettes by yourself.

Post time: Sep-02-2022