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The advantages and disadvantages of the cotton core and ceramic core of electronic cigarettes

From the birth of e-cigarettes to the present, the atomization core has undergone about three iterations (or three major materials), the first being a glass fiber rope, then a cotton core, and then a ceramic core. These three materials can absorb the smoke oil, and then the atomization effect is achieved after heating by the heating wire.

Each of the three materials has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of fiberglass rope is that it is cheap, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to break. The main advantage of cotton core is the best taste restoration, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to burn. The industry is called paste core, which will attract a burnt taste. The advantage of the ceramic core is that it has good stability, is not easy to break, and will not burn, but under the current technology, all materials have the risk of oil leakage.

Fiberglass rope: The earliest atomized oil-conducting material in the early development of e-cigarettes is fiberglass rope.

The advantages and disadvantages of the cotton core and ceramic core of electronic cigarettes

It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, strong oil absorption, and fast oil guiding speed, but it is easy to produce floccules when the smoke is not absorbed and exposed. Between 2014 and 2015, because many e-cigarette users were worried about the phenomenon of “dropping powder” of glass fiber rope into the lungs, this material was gradually eliminated by mainstream equipment at home and abroad.

Cotton core: the current mainstream atomization core material (big smoke electronic cigarette).

Compared with the previous glass fiber guide rope, it is safer, and the smoke is more full and real. The cotton core structure is in the form of heating wire wrapped around cotton. The atomization principle is that the heating wire is atomized decoration, and the cotton is an oil-conducting material. When the smoking device is working, the smoke oil absorbed by the heating wire is heated by the cotton to atomize to produce smoke.

The biggest advantage of cotton core lies in its taste! The reduction of the taste of e-liquid is better than that of the ceramic core, and the amount of smoke is denser, but the power of the tobacco rod is not completely constant, which will cause the overall performance to fluctuate, often the first few mouthfuls. It’s exceptionally good, and the experience gets worse as you go forward, and there may be smoke fluctuations in the middle. If the power of the cotton core is too high or after a period of use, it is prone to paste core phenomenon, and the situation that the power of the cotton core is suddenly too high can not be ignored, but the ceramic core does not have this concern.

The phenomenon of unstable output power can be optimized by the chip. For example, the electronic cigarette of INS realizes the stable output of power through low voltage to ensure that the taste of each puff is basically the same under different power levels.

Ceramic core: mainstream atomizing core material for small cigarettes

The ceramic atomization core is more delicate than the cotton core, and it is smoother to smoke, but the reduction of the smoke oil taste is a little bit worse than that of the cotton core. In fact, the main advantage is stability and durability. This is also the reason why many merchants prefer ceramics. Ceramics rarely have a paste-core phenomenon like cotton cores. There is also stability almost from beginning to end. Under the condition of constant voltage, There is almost no difference in the plumpness and taste of the smoke.

The first generation of microporous ceramic atomizing cores uses compression molding to fire ceramic materials around the heating wire.

The second-generation microporous ceramic atomizing core uses printing to embed heating wires on the surface of the microporous ceramic substrate.

The third generation of microporous ceramic atomization core is to embed heating wire into the surface of the microporous ceramic substrate.

At present, the Feelm ceramic core under SMOORE is the ceramic core with the largest market share.

And for some small cigarettes that can be refilled with oil, the ceramic is chosen because it is not only durable, but also clean. And you have no other choice but to change the cotton core.

Post time: Dec-31-2021