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Marijuana is now a designer drug

The face of the cannabis industry is changing at such a rapid rate that it makes little sense to compare 2020′s cannabis to 1990′s at this point. One of the ways in which the popular media has tried to express the changes in modern cannabis is by noticing changes in intensity.

Now, the assertion that “cannabis is more potent now than it was 30 years ago” is only a small part of the story. Strictly speaking, we could more correctly say “there are larger doses of cannabis available than 30 years ago.” There is no doubt that when we review some extracts rated at 78% THC, we cannot deny the first few Generations of wild black market weed rolled into a joint would be dwarfed.

But cannabis products available for consumption are also far less effective. CBD, for example, doesn’t seem to have any psychoactive effects and is so mild that it’s sold in a ton of cosmetics. We’ve all come across CBD bath bombs and body creams in the mall, no drugstore in sight, and we’re not at all satisfied with these products. So it’s a less potent form of marijuana.

In fact, you can make every other claim for all the various forms of products starting with plants in the cannabis family. Some are more effective, some are less effective, and some rely on the separation and concentration of cannabinoids, which are quite different.

Marijuana is now a designer drug

Post time: Apr-20-2022