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How to do when a cbd vapes has a burning smell

Because of the special nature of CBD oil, it may smell burnt when you use a certain vape cartridge.Smell burnt are nasty, unhealthy, and best best solved it at all costs. For the burning smell, we first need to find out the cause of the burning smell, and then for the cause to find a solution.


There are several reasons for the burning smell:

  1. The porosity of the ceramic core is too small for your oil. When we smoking it, the ceramic coil do not full of oil, you will feel the smell burnt after you smoking about 5 puffs. This reason it is can update the porosity to more big 5% or 10% to solve it.
  2. The intake oil holes is too small for your oil enter to the ceramic coil not quickly. If your oil is very very thick, when you use the cartridge smoking, the oil in the ceramic are use out, and the intake oil holes is small, it is not big for your oil enter to the ceramic coils, you will feel the smell burnt. To solve this reason, we can increase the intake oil holes diameter by 0.2mm,0.4mm etc
  3. The battery output voltage is too high and it is not fit your oil. When you use the cartridge, the high power output, the greater the amount of smoke, and the oil in the ceramic coils will run out quickly, you will smell burnt. For this reason , we can adjust the battery output voltage to low, let the oil not run out quickly.


For the carts smell burnt, also have some other reason, like you may be vaping too often, the cartridges are low products,etc.


For all the reasons that cause that burning smell, there must have reason, so there is a solution.


Dongguan GYL Technology Co.;Ltd is a cbd cartridge, battery, cbd disposable vape pen manufacturer, developer and explorer. We can help you solve the problems you encounter when using cbd products.


Post time: Nov-17-2022