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E-cigarette battery selection and development direction

The battery is an important part of the electronic cigarette and the main energy source of the electronic cigarette. The quality of the battery directly determines the quality of the electronic cigarette. Therefore, how to choose a battery to match the electronic cigarette is very important.

1. Classification of e-cigarette batteries

Currently in the e-cigarette market, batteries are divided into two categories, disposable e-cigarette batteries and secondary e-cigarette batteries.

Characteristics of disposable electronic cigarette batteries:

(1) Fast consumables, high demand

(2) The cost is basically the same as that of secondary recyclable batteries

(3) Faced with difficulties in recycling and difficult to handle

(4) High resource consumption is not conducive to the sustainable development of mankind

Features of secondary electronic cigarette battery:

(1) Battery technology content is higher than disposable

(2) The battery is shipped in a semi-electric state, and the storage state is stable

(3) Relatively low resource consumption

(4) It can make full use of fast charging technology and high cycle technology.

E-cigarette battery selection and development direction

Post time: Dec-29-2021