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countries with legal marijuana zones

You might be wondering, why is the US not on the above list? That’s because it’s not federally legal, although that state is naturally a political hot potato in the news. Instead, state marijuana laws are created individually, covering the entire spectrum from fully legal to merely legalized.

Well, it turns out that the same situation applies to some other countries as well. These countries have partially legalized recreational marijuana in some regions.


Thanks to the 1994 film Pulp Fiction, everyone thought marijuana was legal in the Netherlands. Vincent Vega, played by John Travolta, tells his partner about the “hash bars” allowed in Amsterdam. These are really the only places where marijuana use is acceptable and then just tolerated, not explicitly allowed by law. These coffee shops in Amsterdam must hold a special license to receive leniency from common cannabis laws. Having said that, in most cases, possession of small quantities of items for personal use has been legalized or not enforced.


Like Amsterdam’s coffee shops, Spain allows “marijuana social clubs”. The rest of the country has legalized or not enforced small quantities of items for personal use.


Cannabis is completely legal in the Australian Capital Territory, but it is not allowed to be sold. It is also legalized in the Northern Territory and South Australia.

Barbados and Jamaica

These two countries are the only ones with special religious exemptions from cannabis laws. So marijuana is legalized, but only for those registered as Rastafarian! Although Ethiopia is so closely associated with the Rastafari movement (so much so that their flag can be tolerated being misappropriated around the world), Ethiopia outlaws marijuana for any purpose.


While marijuana is generally banned in India, even for medical use, they allow an exception for a beverage recipe called “bhang”. It is a smoothie-like drink made from the leaves of the plant and is even used in Hindu religious ceremonies or traditions.

Post time: Mar-22-2022